CASE STUDY:'s Transformational Impact on Square Enix

The advertising giant,, entered into a fruitful partnership with the video game developer and publisher, Square Enix, in 2020. Over the course of their three-year alliance, led the charge on more than 85 creative and impactful ad campaigns. This collaboration triggered significant sales growth for Square Enix, transforming its market presence.

In the three years since the initiation of their partnership, Square Enix witnessed a tremendous surge in its sales performance. From 260 billion yen in 2020, the sales shot up by 28% to 332 billion yen in 2021. They experienced another 10% growth to 365 billion yen in 2022. The year 2023 already looks promising with the first half's sales reaching 343 billion yen, almost on par with the total sales of the previous year.

This impressive growth can be largely attributed to's inventive and effective ad campaigns. Their strategic and captivating advertisements significantly amplified Square Enix's visibility and user engagement, subsequently leading to a substantial increase in sales.

One of Square Enix's shining stars, the Final Fantasy franchise, was a prominent feature in's advertising campaigns. Under the partnership, the franchise achieved new heights, growing lifetime franchise sales to over 173 million copies worldwide!

Over 200 awards worldwide!

The brilliance of the Final Fantasy XIV game under this collaboration was recognized industry-wide. It was honored with 200 awards from renowned entities.

Some notable recognitions include "Best Evolving Game" from Techraptor, "Best Community Support" and "Best Ongoing Game" from The Game Awards, and "Best Ongoing Game 2022" from IGN. The game also won the "Best Ongoing Game | Silver" from PlayStation.Blog, "Best Game Community" from the Golden Joystick Awards 2022, and "PARTNER AWARD" from the PlayStation PARTNER AWARDS 2022 JAPAN ASIA.'s collaborative journey with Square Enix illustrates the monumental impact of well-planned and executed advertising on sales and brand recognition. Their successful partnership not only led to remarkable sales growth for Square Enix but also contributed to the worldwide recognition and acclaim for the Final Fantasy franchise. This case study exemplifies the power of innovative advertising in achieving financial success and industry-wide acclaim.