2D Animation:
Bringing AI Characters To Life


We have developed a workflow to quickly and cost-effectively concept and animate a 2D character by using AI to create a unique character, generate facial expressions or poses, and finally animate the flat (non-layered) AI image exports in 2D using Spine Animator. This process creates beautiful pseudo-3D animations at a fraction of the cost. A traditional 3D 15 sec or 30 sec animated ad may take an entire team months to build, but these can be built in days by a single animator.

Here is a 2D character concepted in midjourney and animated in 2D using Spine.


Here is the same animation without the VFX added. 


Making of the 2D animation video


Our 2D and Character Animation Services:

  • Character Design: We create unique, memorable characters that align with your brand image and appeal to your target audience.
  • Dynamic Character Animation: Our animators use cutting-edge techniques to create fluid, lifelike movements, giving your characters a genuine personality.
  • Storyboarding & Scriptwriting: We develop a clear narrative for your characters, ensuring they contribute meaningfully to your overall brand story.
  • Voice Acting & Sound Design: Our voice-over artists and sound designers bring your characters to life with realistic speech and sound effects.
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: We optimize your character animations for use across a variety of platforms, including web, social media, and mobile apps.

At Department 5 LLC, we believe in the power of animated storytelling. Through our 2D video and character animation services, we aim to make your brand more engaging, relatable, and memorable. Contact us today to start bringing your ideas to life.