3D Animation:
AI-Powered 3D Services


AI 3D Workflows

We’re currently exploring new approaches to 3D animation by combining AI tools with traditional techniques. This particular video, which we built in just a few days, was developed by converting footage of people dancing into 3D animations of robots. We then compiled these animations into a robot dancing music video as part of our experimental work. Our goal is to understand the capabilities and limits of using AI for creating complex animations that include intricate movements, various camera angles, and different lighting effects. While there are challenges, the reduction in production time compared to conventional 3D animation methods is significant.

This animation showcases how AI technology can transform original video footage into detailed 3D character animations within a 3D environment. By analyzing and tracking character movements in the footage, the process allows these movements to be imported into Unreal Engine, where they are applied to 3D models. This method dramatically reduces the time and costs associated with producing complex 3D animations, making it an ideal solution for creating dynamic content for social media and advertising, without sacrificing quality.

We harnessed the power of light and shadow to accentuate the captivating curves and sleek lines of a luxury sports car. Through masterful illumination and high-quality animation, we transformed the vehicle into an alluring object of desire, turning each detail into a striking feature within this immersive, 30-second showcase.

Rapid 3D Character Prototyping

Utilizing advanced AI tools, we can quickly bring your concepts to life, creating detailed and expressive 3D characters at an unprecedented speed. We tested out this process by concepting a new character and modeling it in 3DS Max.

3D Modeling

At Dept5, 3D modeling is the cornerstone of our visual storytelling. Our expert modelers construct high-quality, detailed models that serve as the foundation for animations and visual effects. Whether it’s intricate environments, realistic objects, or fantastical creatures, our models are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ready to be brought to life in the digital realm.

3D Animation

Our 3D animation services offer fluid, dynamic, and lifelike animations that elevate the visual experience. By combining the latest software with our animators’ expertise, we animate characters and objects with natural motion and expressions. Our animations range from subtle character interactions to complex action sequences, each designed to convey emotion and story.