Creative Production Agency:
Record-Breaking Sales Outcomes


Department 5 LLC, led by founder David Edeburn, is a creative production agency recognized for its high-impact and dynamic ad campaigns. We have a track record of success measured by record-breaking sales outcomes for global brands.

We’ve partnered with Deloitte, Activision Blizzard, Square Enix, and HBO on more than 300 campaigns and have worked with ad agencies on many other brands, including Sony, Google, Fox, Ubisoft, Toyota, Lexus, Dell, Lenovo, GSK, AHA, Microsoft, Netflix, other streaming networks, and credit card brands. We specialize in creative production for video, 2D animation, HTML5 ads, dynamic HTML5 ads, 3D AR filters, localization of global campaigns, paid media size runs, motion graphics, design, and website development.

We can create extremely high-impact ads with small file sizes. Any creative agency can build a banner ad, but one would be hard-pressed to find a team anywhere that can build more beautiful and impactful banners than Department 5, particularly those with a small file size. This allows our clients to run high-impact ads at a much lower media cost than their competitors.

“This looks fantastic – thanks very much! Always impressed at how much you can fit into 150kb!”

-Benjamin Wilford, Director, Publishing Strategy at SQUARE ENIX

Diablo IV launch – $666 million in 6 days

We played a pivotal role in the blockbuster release of Diablo IV, designing, animating, and developing more than 100 captivating advertisements. Our strategic and creative efforts were key to the game’s astonishing $666 million in sales within the first six days of its launch, with revenues soaring past $1 billion in subsequent weeks. Diablo IV set a new record as Blizzard’s fastest-selling game ever.

Final Fantasy XVI launch – $210 million in sales in 4 days

We also supported the global launch of Final Fantasy XVI, designing and animating more than 150 ads across ten countries. This campaign helped propel the game to achieve $210 million in sales and sell over 3 million copies worldwide in the first four days! It ended the year as the 16th highest-grossing game of 2023.

Overwatch 2 and Overwatch 2 League – $225 million in sales

We also produced more than 1,000 digital ads for Overwatch 2 and Overwatch League, contributing to the game’s $225 million in sales and 50 million active users. In the first 90 days of the game launch, we helped Overwatch 2 drive $100 million in sales and helped engage 35 million new players! Our engaging ad campaigns played a pivotal role in building strong momentum for Overwatch 2 and many other Activision Blizzard franchises including WoW, WoW Classic, Call of Duty League, Hearthstone and more.

Sony and FX Theatrical & Broadcast Releases

Partnering with Viking Social Agency, we built and animated 45 digital campaigns and 3D AR filters for Sony movie launches and FX show launches, achieving tremendous success. These campaigns utilized cutting-edge technology, such as serving up dynamic messaging that changes based on a user’s zip code and integrating ads into a real-time movie ticketing API, which serves users real-time purchase links and ticketing times for the advertised movie at their local theater. You can view dynamic ad examples here. 

Helping HBO launch the HBO MAX advertising platform played a crucial role in supporting HBO with the launch of its new advertising platform. We developed an outstanding digital campaign that smoothly introduced audiences to the expanded offerings of HBO Max. You can explore some of these ads in our 2023 motion trailer here.

Influencing Consumer Choices with Financial Giants

Our expertise extends into the finance sector as well. We have executed over 115 ad campaigns for global credit card brands and numerous video ad campaigns for worldwide financial services providers. These initiatives targeted a broad audience range, encompassing business clients, individual consumers, travelers, and investors of all sizes. This underscores our capability to customize campaigns for various audience segments, geographical territories, and languages.

Behind the Scenes of Blockbuster Campaigns

In a partnership with two ad agencies, we executed 60 high-impact ad campaigns for other major motion picture and broadcast clients, promoting some of the most popular TV shows and movies over the last four years. These campaigns, have been instrumental in driving viewership and engagement for blockbuster hits and acclaimed series. One major streaming service grew from 16 million to 64 million subscribers during these campaigns. 

Partnership with Essence Global Google’s AOR’s collaboration with Essence Global, Google’s Agency of Record, led to the launch of 28 high-priority campaigns. These campaigns successfully promoted Google’s innovative products, including the Nest, Fitbit, and the Pixel phone series. Like Sony, many of these campaigns integrated APIs to serve dynamic and geo-located content to users, tailoring advertisements to users and improving ad performance.’s role in these launches underscores its capability to handle complex and high-stakes digital campaigns. You can view some of the videos here and banner ads here.

High impact 3D HTML5 paid media campaigns

In a groundbreaking series of 44 digital campaigns, our team incorporated 3D animations into display ads. Many of these campaigns also involved high-profile sporting events and players. Showcased across esteemed platforms such as the Wall Street Journal,, and, these ads had an extremely wide reach, achieving impressive engagement and brand visibility. The success of these campaigns further illustrates our agency’s expertise in navigating complex challenges while delivering results that resonate widely and contribute significantly to our client’s brand value and market positioning.

White-label creative production for ad agencies

We offer specialized white-label creative production services for ad agencies, emphasizing a streamlined process through a single dedicated point of contact. Our world-class team of animators and designers excels in creating ads that cater to various languages and territories, ensuring legal compliance and cultural relevance. With a robust internal review and QA process, we align closely with brand guidelines and campaign objectives. We also adapt to our clients’ preferred project management tools, such as Slack and Basecamp, for seamless collaboration. Our production capacity, distributed across the US and Europe, enables near 24/7 work and compressed production schedules. Our commitment to security, transparency, and responsiveness, along with competitive pricing, establishes us as an exceptional partner for ad agencies in search of high-quality creative outputs delivered on time.