AR Filter Services:
Unleashing Virality and Connection Through AR


Our mission? To empower your brand to break through the digital clutter with AR experiences that are immersive, interactive, and inspire users to share your brand, product, movie or event with their network. AR filters are perfect tools for brands to achieve virality and the network effect because they offer engaging, shareable content that naturally encourages more users to participate, thereby expanding your brand’s reach exponentially. Our digital campaigns helped our clients generate more $1.2 billion in sales in in 2023. 

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Custom AR Filter Design, Animation, 3D modeling and Launch

Our team excels in designing bespoke AR filters that reflect your brand’s unique identity, for platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok. From inception to execution, our focus is on creating filters that captivate and engage your target audience.

  • Rapid consistent-character prototyping using a unique AI production workflow.

  • Custom modeling of your 3D AR filter characters.

  • Animation of your characters, elements and effects.
  • Coding your AR filter for user interactions, gamification, education, branding or engagement.
  • QA testing and usability testing.
  • AR filter launch and source files delivery.

Case Study: Taco Bell’s Record-Breaking Snapchat Filter Campaign

In a groundbreaking digital marketing initiative, Taco Bell launched a sponsored Snapchat filter on Cinco de Mayo that turned users’ faces into a giant taco shell. This creative and engaging AR filter not only captivated Snapchat users but also set a new record for the platform, amassing an astounding 224 million views in a single day. This case study explores the strategy, execution, and outcomes of Taco Bell’s innovative use of AR technology to drive engagement and brand visibility.

Strategy and Execution

Taco Bell’s strategy leveraged the widespread popularity and interactive nature of Snapchat among younger demographics to create a viral marketing campaign. The filter, designed to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, was not just a novel way of engaging with the brand but also encouraged user participation and content creation. By turning users’ faces into taco shells, Taco Bell created a playful and immersive experience that resonated well with Snapchat’s audience, encouraging widespread sharing and engagement. The campaign’s success was attributed to its timing, cultural relevance, and the inherently shareable and fun nature of the filter.

The Taco Bell Snapchat filter campaign’s success was unprecedented, with 224 million views in just 24 hours, making it one of the most successful digital marketing campaigns in the platform’s history. This level of engagement significantly boosted Taco Bell’s brand visibility and appeal, especially among younger consumers who are highly active on social media platforms like Snapchat. The campaign not only demonstrated the potential of AR filters as a marketing tool but also highlighted the importance of creativity and cultural relevance in engaging with the digital-first audience. Taco Bell’s record-breaking Snapchat filter campaign serves as a benchmark for innovative digital marketing, showcasing the power of AR technology in creating engaging and memorable brand experiences. did not create the Taco Bell AR filter however we have launched numerous campaigns for products, Sony Film releases and Broadcast TV show releases that were tremendously successful.

AR Filter Use Cases: Engaging Interactive Campaigns

Elevate your marketing with AR experiences designed to engage. Be it for product launches, special events, or brand promotion, our AR solutions are crafted to drive engagement and conversion, making every campaign memorable.

The Power of AR Filters in Today’s Digital Ecosystem

In a digital landscape overflowing with content, AR filters represent a revolutionary way to engage audiences. These interactive experiences transcend traditional marketing, offering a blend of entertainment, engagement, and information unlike anything else. Department 5 LLC is at the forefront of this revolution, crafting custom AR filters that:

Drive Unparalleled Engagement: Watch as your engagement metrics soar with AR experiences that are interactive, shareable, and memorable.

Highlight Brand Individuality: Distinguish your brand with unique AR experiences that resonate with your audience’s values and interests.

Foster Organic Virality: Leverage user-generated content to increase brand visibility and authenticity organically.

Offer Valuable Insights: Utilize AR-driven data to understand audience behaviors and preferences for targeted campaign strategies.

AR in the Metaverse

The metaverse, a collective virtual shared space, is being enriched with AR technologies to create more lifelike and interactive virtual environments. In these spaces, users can experience enhanced physical world interactions, bringing a new dimension to online shopping, social interactions, and virtual events. AR’s role in the metaverse is crucial for bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms, offering users a seamless transition and interaction between both worlds.

Mobile AR

Mobile AR is moving beyond gaming and entertainment to become a vital tool in business and education. With the proliferation of AR-capable smartphones, applications are now leveraging AR for practical purposes such as visualizing products in the real world before purchase, providing interactive manuals, or enhancing learning materials with 3D models. This shift is transforming mobile phones into powerful AR platforms, accessible to a broad audience.

Growth of WebAR

WebAR refers to augmented reality experiences that run through web browsers rather than dedicated apps. This trend is significantly lowering the barrier to entry for users, as it removes the need to download specific applications. WebAR is particularly impactful for marketing and retail, allowing consumers to instantly access AR experiences directly from a website, enhancing user engagement and the shopping experience.

Enhanced Retail and Shopping Experiences

AR is transforming the retail sector by offering personalized shopping experiences. Customers can try on clothes virtually, visualize furniture in their homes before purchasing, or see how a makeup product would look on their skin. These applications reduce the uncertainty of online shopping, potentially decreasing return rates and increasing customer satisfaction.

Interactive Learning and Training

In education and professional training, AR is being used to create immersive learning experiences that can improve retention and engagement. Whether it’s medical students practicing surgeries on virtual patients or mechanics visualizing the inner workings of engines, AR offers a hands-on learning approach that traditional methods cannot match.