Experience the Department 5 LLC Difference

Select Department 5 LLC as your creative collaborator and experience the transformative power of our proficiency and commitment. Our rich portfolio and a proven track record, including a recent success story that captivated over 37 million players in a video game launch, stand as testament to our capabilities. We’re primed to aid your business in realizing phenomenal results.

Our comprehensive range of creative services for global paid media campaigns include:

  • 3D AR Filters: Leverage the power of augmented reality to create immersive brand experiences. Our team designs customized 3D AR filters that engage and captivate audiences across social media platforms.
  • Motion Design: From sleek animations to interactive graphics, we enhance your storytelling with captivating motion design that resonates with your audience and bolsters your brand’s image.
  • Character Animation: Let our team bring your brand to life with engaging character animations. From concept to execution, we create compelling animated narratives that connect with your audience on a deeper level.
  • Video Animation: We specialize in creating dynamic video animations that not only grab attention, but also compel viewers to engage with your brand, boosting your overall campaign results.
  • In addition to our creative prowess, we offer an expansive range of paid media services:
  • Display Advertising: We amplify your brand’s visibility across multiple platforms through strategic and eye-catching display ads.
  • Social Media Advertising: Maximize your brand’s social presence with our targeted social media campaigns. We deliver your message to the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform.
  • Remarketing & Retargeting: Re-engage your audience through strategic remarketing campaigns, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind and encouraging repeat engagements.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your creative and advertising needs. Let’s collaborate to transform your vision into a living reality and propel your brand to extraordinary heights. Your success is our mission.